7 Rules of Company Outings

// May 30, 2016
7 Rules of Company Outings

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What makes these events different from any other gathering where alcohol is involved, is that company outings can get your career laid. Think of them as a bonus round kindly added to your day to day work that should be used for information gathering and networking. It’s no secret that people are different when they are under the influence; their true colors come out, they become more honest about their past, the current market situation, and who’s going to get fired next. As a Young Brofessional your objective is to remain under the radar at these things, while also gather info like James Bond. And so, here are the 7 rules of company outings:

RULE 1: Turn Down

7 Rules of Company Outings

Remain one step less-lit than everybody else. I think this goes without saying; nobody wants to see a spectacle. If you’re a lightweight or get visibly/audibly intoxicated, take it easy. Drinking as an adult is much different from pounding Keystones at your frat’s case race and vomiting is frowned upon.

RULE 2: Adjust to your Audience

Respect cultural differences. Every country has their own drinking habits. For example: the Danish get so shitfaced at their company Christmas parties, their highest divorce rate happens to be in January. The Brits on the other hand like to play fun drinking games. Take note of how people drink and use it to your advantage. Always remain in control.

7 Rules of Company Outings

RULE 3: Skip the Status Quo

Alcohol enters, ­status goes out the door. The company outing might be the only opportunity you get to actually meet and speak to your C­-level executives. The funny thing about alcohol is that it doesn’t matter how high up on the corporate ladder you are, you get drunk all the same — then you start spilling secrets of the trade like when the company will have an IPO.


7 Rules of Company Outings

Build your rep. Just because you’re not at the office, doesn’t mean you’re not being watched and evaluated. Some people have drunk alter-­egos; a persona they transform into when the need arises. Drinking events are a unique opportunity to sell yourself on a personal level, without the pressure that comes with formal job interviews or evaluations. Insinuate future talks about a raise or score a weekend on your manager’s yacht ­ the power is in your hands.

RULE 5: Time = Money

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The longer you stay at these events, the more you will learn about people’s insecurities, their interests, their hobbies, their successes and their disappointments. Weird shit happens at company events around hour 3 or 4 of the open bar and you want to be there for it. Alcohol and weird shit brings people together.

RULE 6: Exit Strategy

7 Rules of Company Outings

Never sketchbounce. Always make sure the right people know you’re leaving. It’s a reminder that you care, you have good manners and you care about your job beyond the free booze.

RULE 7: Important

Enjoy yourself! After all IT’S FREE BOOZE.

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