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Deep Thoughts
// May 21, 2017

(5 Minute Read) As a young professional and one of the 92 million+ people who have been lumped into the category “millennial” by the rest of the population, I can’t help but feel it’s our duty —more than anyone else’s— to critique the faults of our generation. Now we haven’t inflicted the type of financial…

Cool Shit
// October 30, 2016

8 True Horror Stories from College What follows is a collection of first-hand accounts, ranging from weird & spooky to truly terrifying. Similarities between the stories have led me to believe that they are indeed real, and that there’s really more hiding in the dark than we understand… I figured this would be a nice Halloween…

// October 23, 2016

(3 Minute Read) Fresh Men Stylez was created by Pernell Murray Jr., a 24 year old native of Upper Marlboro, Maryland. A young entrepreneur still in the early stages of his journey, Murray is the Founder of, an online luxury boutique featuring a line of high quality fashion accessories for men. “We offer great men’s accessories.” Murray…

Deep Thoughts
// October 22, 2016

(5 Minute Read) Let’s get real for a minute. The majority of the articles we post on here written to make you laugh, but primarily to educate you on making better lifestyle decisions. This article takes on a somewhat darker tone than is typical for YB, but our mission hasn’t changed. If you or anyone…

// September 15, 2016

(6 Minute Read) College is four to seven quick years of your life and then it’s over, so here’s a post from the older brother you never had that’ll equip you with everything you need to make sure you’re doing college right. #10 – The Gym Bag: Chances are you weren’t a gym rat in…

// August 24, 2016
how to handle your meat

How to Handle Your Meat (2 Minute Read) It’s time to talk about your meat. That’s right, your meat. Your meat is important. If you’re a real man, you use your meat every day. You share your meat with whatever girl is lucky enough to touch it and put it in their mouth. Men who…

// July 30, 2016
weed pot roll u how to

How to Roll Up Like a Boss  ( 3 Minute Read ) There comes a point in every stoner’s life where they hit a bomb ass blunt and think, “Damn I need to learn how to roll,” and I’m not talking dinner rolls. But seriously, where do you begin? How hard is it to roll?…

Just The Tips
// May 23, 2016

(3 Minute Read) Written by Buck, Co-Founder of About six months ago, I started listening to an up and coming artist named Russ. Flip on your car stereo and you know damn well the message today’s hip-hop artists send out is ignorant to the core. All they sing/rap about is the lean they’re sippin’, the…

// May 2, 2016
How Will IoT Change the World?

(7 Minute Read) What the hell is IoT? You may have seen the letters spammed all over the internet recently but unless you’re into emerging tech, there’s a high chance you have no clue. Worry not my young ones, I’ll break it down for you. IoT stands for the “Internet of Things,” referring to the…