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Deep Thoughts
// October 22, 2016

(5 Minute Read) Let’s get real for a minute. The majority of the articles we post on here written to make you laugh, but primarily to educate you on making better lifestyle decisions. This article takes on a somewhat darker tone than is typical for YB, but our mission hasn’t changed. If you or anyone…

// July 30, 2016
weed pot roll u how to

How to Roll Up Like a Boss  ( 3 Minute Read ) There comes a point in every stoner’s life where they hit a bomb ass blunt and think, “Damn I need to learn how to roll,” and I’m not talking dinner rolls. But seriously, where do you begin? How hard is it to roll?…

Cool Shit
// March 15, 2016
How to Vape Like a Pro : Part 1

How to Vape Like a Pro Part 1 : MODS  ( 3 Minute Read ) Rich D. sat down with notorious Long Island fuckboy Alphonze Delanoche on his eastern veranda overlooking the beach for an in-depth discussion on vaping and vape culture. Alphonze has been vaping since December of 2014, and receives global praise for…