Election 2016 Entrepreneurs!

// November 12, 2016
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While the American presidential election has brought many things to light (some for better, some for worse), it would be remiss not to point out the opportunities that have sprouted out of nation-wide hate and fear. Here are 4 entrepreneurs who took advantage of the election heat-wave, and how they’re making bank off of the 2016 election.



Fuckthepresident.us is not only one of the best domain names I’ve ever seen, but it’s such a simple idea with a potentially huge profit margin. It’s hooked up to Printful.com, an online clothing & gear store where you can make your own merch, start a campaign, and start making money. The prices are pretty low, so you can design a shirt with say — Trump’s face on it and the words “FUCKTHEPRESIDENT” and all the profit goes straight to you, minus the materials cost (like 15 bucks). Printful handles all printing & processing, and ships the shirts while it sends money directly into your bank account. Check it out here and start your own project!

Don’t like Trump? Are you crying every night because you’re worried about the future of the country? Buy a shirt from Fuckthepresident!

I’ve heard that the project was just an experiment based on a bet, and that all profits will be donated to children’s education, (ironically)… We probably need that. Check out their hilarious twitter account here.

#2. Liberty Maniacs


Liberty Maniacs started way back in 2014, or at least that’s when they got hit with their most recent lawsuit. The company, which offers a pretty robust array of election-related humor-Ts and hoodies got hit with a first amendment case for “copying” Hillary Clinton’s “I’m Ready For Hillary” bumper sticker design. You can read the full article here. They sell everything from mugs to hats, bags, shirts, pillows, phone cases, the whole 9 — and they’re all fucking hilarious.

#3. Hillary Trumped


This one’s got some balls! A site made for Trump supporters, Hillary Trumped is a media center for everything Trump. It hosted videos from the campaign trail, news, photos, etc., but most importantly, some hilariously amazing Trump merchandise (mostly about balls). Trump fan or not, these are amazing. Get your Trumptastic testicular-themed gear now!

#4. Shop.DonaldJTrump.com


This is Donald Trump’s official site from the campaign trail where you can find your OFFICIAL D.J. Trump Hats!
We know if there’s one person who should be known as an entrepreneur, it’s President Elect D.J. Trump! With everything from Trump Steaks to Trump University, he’s been killing it in the entrepreneur game for years. Now, he’s selling hats, AND running the greatest country in the world! Buy a hat, and wear it, burn it, wipe your ass with it, whatever! The choice is yours!

Get yours now!


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