Entrepreneur Interview: Fresh Men Stylez

// October 23, 2016
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Fresh Men Stylez was created by Pernell Murray Jr., a 24 year old native of Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

A young entrepreneur still in the early stages of his journey, Murray is the Founder of FreshMenStylez.com, an online luxury boutique featuring a line of high quality fashion accessories for men. “We offer great men’s accessories.” Murray says, “for the men that want to look there best but need that additional item or two to make the entire outfit pop.”

This is his first endeavor in entrepreneurship, though he’s doing well for a young brand, and with his success comes a few lessons. “The first lesson,” Murray says, “is to start your journey now. Don’t wait a year, even if you aren’t working in the industry that you want to start a business in. The only person that is too young to start is the child not born yet. So just start have fun, fail, learn, and fail some more.”

17473-63a5be7e7c17476ab77db8d3539c0249_grandeMurray’s inspiration for Fresh Men Stylez was borne out of his interest in fashion, his adept retail experience, and knack for styles that men seek out. He noticed early on in his career that there were two kinds of customers: One that wants what others have, and one that wants to be unique. “This is what Fresh Men Styles is all about, adding to your clothes and creating a uniquely fresh style that only few can pull off, while creating a company that stands out from the rest and provides great value for its customers.” Murray says. However, by far the biggest influence in Murray’s decision to start the company came from his own frustration. “The idea came after going to the mall one day and noticing most stores didn’t offer a wide selection of high quality products. Most luxury retailers have a vast selection of women’s products with a few men’s products hidden in a corner, so I decided to create a store just for men looking for distinctive, well-made products like watches, bags, briefcases, and footwear.” Murray says, ” Fancy, but affordable.”

product-image-13221967_grandeDiving deeper into competitive analysis, we asked Murray how he ensures Fresh Men Stylez stands up to the competition. He answered, “[FMS] doesn’t sell cheaply made products at a high price. We sell handmade luxury products, or if not handmade, they were created with high quality materials and built to last.”

Another lesson Murray mentions is to start with a pencil, not a pen. “Your business is going to change, there’s no doubt about it, but you still want to streamline your process.” For this reason, he suggests young entrepreneurs design their business model on paper first, computer second. Paper allows you to set your goals before you run into the roadblocks you’ll find when building a website, making partnerships, etc. If you’re online setting things up brick by brick, you can spend a lot of money to get a poor result.


The last piece of advice the fashion line founder has for entrepreneur hopefuls is, “I have a long way to go myself, but I will say that finding a way to get something started is simpler then you may think. Its not easy but the hard part is keeping it going, and growing. Never stop thinking of ways to make yourself, and your company better.”

When asked where he sees the company in three years, Murray says he expects Fresh Men Stylez to be a widely known online boutique that boasts the best in stylish men’s accessories. He also plans to open his first retail store with an exclusive line of items not found anywhere else. As for the far future, Murray says, “We hope to gain a place in the high-end fashion world, so when men look for a great accessories, they think of us.”

Fresh Men Stylez is currently a sole proprietorship, though Murray may need additional employees soon in order to speed up progress and tackle his other projects currently in development, like Murray & Co. Properties, his real estate business.

Check out Murray’s full line of luxury items here at www.freshmenstylez.com or on Instagram @FreshMenStylez


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