How to Vape Like a Pro Part 1: MODS

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// March 15, 2016
How to Vape Like a Pro : Part 1

How to Vape Like a Pro
Part 1 : MODS

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Rich D. sat down with notorious Long Island fuckboy Alphonze Delanoche on his eastern veranda overlooking the beach for an in-depth discussion on vaping and vape culture. Alphonze has been vaping since December of 2014, and receives global praise for his vape-life insight.

Rich: Permit me to enquire about that douchey-looking box you’re holding…

Al: “It’s a Snow Wolf 200. The base is what makes the magic happen, it’s the “device,” usually always called a “mod.” A mod is what’s going to power your vape and make it work. This one’s designed to go up to 200 watts. There’s smaller ones that usually start at 20, and they go up to 200 watts which is an insane amount of power. You’re not going to want to use that wattage unless you have a very heavy duty wire build that you’re using.”

How to Vape Like a Pro Part 1: MODS

Rich: How is it Powered?

Al: “It’s powered by onboard batteries. It takes the most common, 18650 (“eighteen-six-fifty”) battery. With 2,500 milliamp hours it has pretty much the same power as your cellphone. There’s different batteries that let you do different things, but one thing about the batteries that’s very important is that it’s something you DON’T cheap-out on, because this battery can power a cellphone, but it can fucking burn a hole through your pants if it’s not a good one. You want to make sure the wrap doesn’t come off or that has a higher chance of happening.”

Rich: Are There Different Kinds of Mods? What About Batteries?

Al: “The mod I have is a regulated mod, which has a chip in it that prevents battery “ venting.” (when the battery cells expand and push up against the metal lining of the battery). If it vents it creates a chemical reaction which makes the device incredibly hot and could result in a fire or explosion. Once the wrap comes off the batteries you can re-wrap them yourself, and that’s where buying good batteries comes into play, because some people will buy shitty batteries, rewrap them to look like good batteries, and sell them to unsuspecting young vapers, which is dangerous (and fucked up). Other companies have caught on, and moved out of the vaping game just-in-case. Sony doesn’t sell the 18650 batteries anymore because they found out they’re used for vaping, and they’re not too big of fans of that. So that’s one thing– you need to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source, you can’t just by 18650s from some random websites because you could run into explosive problems.”

“Batteries aren’t created equal, but they’re usually all around the 2500 watt range. They have different discharge rates and different milliamp hours – so you have to find out what batteries are best for what you’re looking to do… Some mods have little screens and buttons where you can view and change your wattage, or if you’re using a temperature device you can change what temp you’re at. Some let you change the voltage depending on what kind of batteries you have inside, and some let you change your ohm resistance, which we’ll get into later. Almost every regulated mod has a screen on it, some have menus, some don’t, but they all tell you what’s going on: temp, ohms, volts, and battery life.”

Unregulated mods. You could have an “UM”: this is what we call a “mech mod” or mechanical mod. Some ppl like mech mods some don’t. Its mainly a big preference thing. I used to be into them until I kept breaking them. They’re usually easier to break because they’re made of straight tubes of steel or copper. The one I have is a clone, I bought a clone because normal ones are 200 dollars, and I think it’s fucking asinine to pay 200 for a metal tube.”

How to Vape Like a Pro Part 1: MODS

Rich: Why Are Clones Cheaper?

Al: “Because they’re from another company, usually from China, and they just try to duplicate it. The regular ones are mostly all made in the U.S. — I believe vaping started in Cali — These clones can be just as good as the name brand ones, but some might not be because in a mech mod, there’s a firing button. Unlike on regulated mods, it’s usually underneath, and the whole button mechanism is called a firing pin, which is used to push the battery up and make contact with the top of it, which creates the electric current that gets transferred to the atomizer or tank. This could make it worse because it’s a direct shot to the battery, and depending on whatever device you’re using (tank or atomizer) it can cause a dangerous connection.

There’s a thing called hybrid mods, and they don’t contain a specific part ( called a 510 connection). As a result, if you use a tank on a hybrid mod, you can cause an arc between the battery and the 510 connection. Tanks have a thing that sticks out that creates a little gap with just enough space to cause a reaction between the battery and mod, so when it arcs, that battery will immediately vent.

So moral of the story is, if you’re mech mod doesn’t have a hole in the pipe to release pressure, you can create a pipe bomb in your pocket. Venting doesn’t just happen from arcing, it can happen from having the battery drain for too long (button pressed on accident in your pocket), and when it can’t handle the heat the battery will collapse, vent and keep getting hotter. This causes it to push up against the inside of the mod, which will cause it to explode into a million pieces of shrapnel. Other times when it vents it just creates a kind of corrosive gas — though this is not that great to inhale. But most of the time it just gets very hot and will melt or burn through whatever it’s in (like your pocket or leg) until you stop the reaction by taking off the tank and cutting the connection.

Rich: So if I Don’t Want Dynamite in my Pocket, What Vape Should I Get?

Al: If someone’s looking to get into vaping, the route of unregulated mods and mech mods isn’t the way to go. Depending on how much firepower you want, you probably want to go with something small like a variable voltage mod. Much smaller devices that go up to 4.8 volts, it’s like one of those pens that people smoke weed with. And those are very weak, they don’t produce a lot of vapor. Generally speaking you may not be so satisfied because it doesn’t produce enough smoke to give you the same sensation as a cigarette.

How to Vape Like a Pro Part 1: MODS

Al: So many people switching and looking for the same sensation as a cigarette would require them to use a higher level of nicotine. The higher the level the harsher it’s going to feel on your throat, which may make you more nicotine dependent. Because of this, you might not want to go with a variable mod if you’re trying to quit smoking, so you should go with a regulated mod/ “box mod.” When i wanted to stop smoking I got a box mod because they have more battery power and the wattage is generally lower than what you can achieve through a regulated mod because there’s no chip that’s regulating the voltage. The voltage is fixed on a mech mod– so it doesn’t vary. Box mods = more firepower, safer, and overall easier to control than unregulated mods. I’ve seen more beginners start with box mods than anything else.”

END OF How to Vape Like a Pro Part 1
Stay Tuned for Part II: Tanks, Atomizers, Hybrids & Coils – COMING SOON

Feel free to ask Al any questions in the comments below!!!

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