Maximize Your Linkedin Leverage Like a Pro

// September 24, 2014
Maximize Your Linkedin Leverage Like a Pro

Maximize Your Linkedin Leverage Like a Pro :

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If you’re using linkedin for your business, chances are you made an account, set up your company page, and you check it once a week (or whenever you remember you still have it) just to see if you have any new followers, and maybe post a few links that lead to your store… The “related articles” you’ve been posting in your updates feed aren’t working, and you really have no idea what else you can be doing… Well fear no more, daddy’s here to make it all better>>>>


You thought you were just going to start a business and suddenly everything would just come to you in a fucking dream, isn’t that right Brostradamus? You assumed you’d build a network in an instant you insignificant prawn. That’s not how it works, so fuck you for doing little to no research on something before you just throw money at it and expect it to work. This may work with strippers my friend, but if you hope to grow up and gtfo before Destiny and Thumper have kids who call you daddy, you’re gonna need to wise up. The tricks I’m about to show you can be found all over the web, so this is totally your fault for being lazy. You were born into a world with GOOGLE. You have no excuse. Now you can spend the next day tracking down tips and tricks from “experts” and “thought leaders” all over, or you can sit your ass down and read this article for the next 5 minutes, while I tell you proven methods sprinkled with tough love.


Before you disappear because our brand offends you, just read the next few words. Pulse + Updates = $$ This is your key to success, and chances are you’ll think about it, and probably tell a friend later. By the end of this article, you should be thinking about it every few minutes, and this’ll be the tightest social media strategy you’ve ever had the pleasure of entering into. A few things to get you started, you ignorant salt licker:


LinkedIn Pulse is the magazine-type blog of all linkedin bloggers. By posting written content on the Pulse, it is shared with everyone from your existing network, plus anyone from any groups you are a part of (You should be in several groups already, but you’re probably not, so sack up and make it happen). Pulse is extremely important, not because it gives you another blog page (despite what everyone says you DON’T need another blog page), but because of it’s potential for direct to network advertising. Take about one-quarter or one-scroll’s worth of an article you’ve posted on your company’s site and paste it here. What? You don’t produce written content? Stop all of this and go read our article about Why You Need a Blog on Your Website.

Maximize Your Linkedin Leverage Like a Pro

Welcome back baby bitch. I hope you’re ready to work. Let’s dig back into it. Whether you’re posting to a foodie blog or Forbes page, your blog should have a page on your website to get your target one-click away from a sale. Linkedin Pulse (available through LinkedIn Premium Business) is a blog in itself, but that’s not what you’re really going to use it for. You’re going to use it the same way you use twitter and facebook — as an avenue to drag them to your site, and here’s how.

Cut and paste that ¼ or one page’s length of the article on your webpage into a linkedin Pulse article. At the end of the section, write “Read More at” highlight that shit and hyperlink it. Some users don’t even put this much content, they just put the title of the article and the link. For me, I put the “Click Here to Read More at” followed by a line break, followed by “Click Here to Check Out More Hilarious Articles.” Do this. They might not like the article you posted, but there’s a chance they’ll want to find out what else you’re writing, because people are lemmings… and Linkedin is full of em. You can put a link to your store, and even more, just don’t break the rule of 3. The vast majority of humanity can only focus on two things at once, and three is pushing it. Any more than three options — some would even say more than two — and your prospective lemming grows confused, afraid, and hits the back button faster than I hit a sloot at a Rutgers houseparty. Find a beautiful picture (Pexels, Unsplash & Creative Commons are great royalty-free resources) and upload it. Make sure it’s eye-catching and colorful, don’t bother using images with text, this pic is about to be reduced to a tiny ass thumbnail. When you’re done, BOOM, hit save to post that shit. It’ll show up on your feed and the feed of everyone who you’re connected with.

Maximize Your Linkedin Leverage Like a Pro


Write a few updates (The “U” in this equation) and schedule them every 3 hours for the next three days. Do the same with twitter, and the same with facebook. Use Hootsuite for this, it’s the best social media management tool out there and it’s free to use.

Each day, log into Linkedin and go back to your article. You’ll notice your article has garnered significant attention from this micro-campaign you did for your post. Then, you get to use the best leads analytics the world has to offer, at least in terms of simplicity and ease of use. There’s a button below the headline of your article that says “View Stats” click it and unleash a world of valuable info. You get to see how many people viewed your page of course, but more importantly, where they’re from: by industry, job descriptions, state, country, and how they found your article, be it facebook, twitter, linkedin or somewhere else. It’s a full page of stats about your audience, and you can use the advanced search options (part of the Linkedin biz package) to track down more leads with this info. Scroll down to see something even more amazing. Assuming your content was interesting, you’ll have some engagement in terms of LIKES and SHARES. Excuse me if I get a little excited, but YOU GET TO SEE THE PROFILES OF EVERYONE WHO INTERACTED WITH YOUR POSTS. From there, you can scope them out for contact info, try to connect or use one of your precious Linkedin “InMail credits” to send them a message/sales pitch. It’s incredible just how much targeting you can do with these powerful stats and info. You have to pay way more for other services that do less.

The last tip I’ll throw in here is yet another of those lesser-known facts around the web, and it’s likely something the LinkedIn developers forgot about, so this article might expose it and ruin it for everyone, but I’ll tell you so you have your shot too. When you go on the profile of someone you want to connect with, don’t push that connect button. If you do, you’ll be sent to a page that prompts you to say how you know the person, whether you’re a classmate, colleague, etc. etc. etc. Annoying Linkedin shit. In a weird way, whatever answer you give is likely to make you look like a weirdo or worse– a salesman, and overall it’s just a big waste of time. Instead, search their name in the search bar. Don’t click on their name or picture when it shows up, just hover over it, and the connect button will appear. Click this, and you won’t have to do any of that other B.S. That’s it.


Oh, the $$ just stands for money and sourcing. Use my gifts wisely my children.
This has been Linkedin Abuse 101. You have reached the end of this course.

_Rich D.


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