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Cool Shit
// October 30, 2016

8 True Horror Stories from¬†College What follows is a collection of first-hand accounts, ranging from weird & spooky to truly terrifying. Similarities between the stories have led me to believe that they are indeed real, and that there’s really more hiding in the dark than we understand… I figured this would be a nice Halloween…

// September 15, 2016

(6 Minute Read) College is four to seven quick years of your life and then it’s over, so here’s a post from the older brother you never had that’ll equip you with everything you need to make sure you’re doing college right. #10 – The Gym Bag: Chances are you weren’t a gym rat in…

Do's & Don'ts
// July 2, 2016

(4 Minute Read) There’s plenty of reasons out there not to smoke cigarettes. Cancer’s bad, you’ll ruin your signing career, and you’ll have horrible morning breath. These things aside, you may still be tempted to pick up the bad habit, and that’s why the Young Brofessionals are here to sort you out. Reason #1: Smoking…