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Deep Thoughts
// October 22, 2016

(5 Minute Read) Let’s get real for a minute. The majority of the articles we post on here written to make you laugh, but primarily to educate you on making better lifestyle decisions. This article takes on a somewhat darker tone than is typical for YB, but our mission hasn’t changed. If you or anyone…

// May 30, 2016
7 Rules of Company Outings

(3 Minute Read) What makes these events different from any other gathering where alcohol is involved, is that company outings can get your career laid. Think of them as a bonus round kindly added to your day to day work that should be used for information gathering and networking. It’s no secret that people are…

// March 19, 2016

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Experimenting With Hyper-Performance Alcohol Additives Part 1: RedBull – For Beginners  ( 2 Minute Read ) Do: Rum and Redbull for the first three drinks, or between other drinks in your 6 Drink Total (See article: The 6 Drink Pro-Move: Every Man’s Arsenal) Results: You stay lit and active, and…