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// August 25, 2016

5 Laws of Gains: Save Time and Build Muscle Mass Fast  ( 4 Minute Read ) Build muscle mass, optimize your workout, save your precious time. Written by Buck, Co-Founder of ApotheosisLifestyle.com Every great king was once a peasant, every skyscraper was once a blueprint and every shredded sick kunt was once a frail chested…

// July 30, 2016
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How to Roll Up Like a Boss  ( 3 Minute Read ) There comes a point in every stoner’s life where they hit a bomb ass blunt and think, “Damn I need to learn how to roll,” and I’m not talking dinner rolls. But seriously, where do you begin? How hard is it to roll?…

Do's & Don'ts
// July 2, 2016

(4 Minute Read) There’s plenty of reasons out there not to smoke cigarettes. Cancer’s bad, you’ll ruin your signing career, and you’ll have horrible morning breath. These things aside, you may still be tempted to pick up the bad habit, and that’s why the Young Brofessionals are here to sort you out. Reason #1: Smoking…

Just The Tips
// April 23, 2016

(4 Minute Read) Gather around, let us talk about threesomes. The three layer cake, the devils three way, ménage à trois, or the good old flesh sandwich. Whatever you call it, we’ve all thought about it and probably still dream about it. It’s every college fuck boy’s wet dream to have two bad bitches wanting…

Getting a Date
// March 28, 2016

How to Get A Smokeshow Girlfriend  ( 3 Minute Read ) Written by Buck, Co-Founder of ApotheosisLifestyle.com If you’re one of those unoriginal momos, desperately trying to get a piece of that sweet nuni but don’t know what to say to girls or how to talk to a smokeshow, this one’s for you. There comes…

Getting a Date
// March 24, 2016
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How to Keep In-Touch with Your Ex’s Mom:  ( 3 Minute Read ) How to Keep In-Touch with Your Ex’s Mom: A Story of Faithfulness We’ve all been in relationships, and assuming you’re not currently hiding from your wife to read this stuff, you’ve probably had a few bad ones, and you’ve probably moved on….

Cool Shit
// March 15, 2016
How to Vape Like a Pro : Part 1

How to Vape Like a Pro Part 1 : MODS  ( 3 Minute Read ) Rich D. sat down with notorious Long Island fuckboy Alphonze Delanoche on his eastern veranda overlooking the beach for an in-depth discussion on vaping and vape culture. Alphonze has been vaping since December of 2014, and receives global praise for…