The Instagram Hacking Secret No One Will Tell

// October 24, 2014

The Instagram Hacking Secret No One Will Tell:

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It would be a lie to say this is ethical, though it would also be a lie to pretend this isn’t done on instagram every day. It’s a true story that not one journalist, influencer, or so-called “Growth Hacker” has had the balls to tell… >>>>

The last time you were on instagram, chances are you were followed by an account who was a pair of tits. Well, their profile photo was a pair of boobs, boobs you casually assumed belonged to a woman. Though I have absolutely no research to back this, I think it’s safe to assume that the majority of these accounts are run by men. Now I’ll tell you why.

How often do you come across an account with an absurd amount of followers, but few to no photos? Sure, maybe they bought the account from someone else, or maybe they decided to rebrand and started the account from square one… but this would take some doing, especially having to manually delete each and every photo needed to gain the follower count in the first place… You can buy bots, or pay to sign up for one of these bullshit groups that add hundreds and thousands of fake accounts to your following. OR… You can do what all growth hackers are too pussy to admit to.

Use boobs.

Boobs and butts and sex, well, at least the (usually counterfeit) possibility of sex. It’s sad and unethical, but in the new paradigm of startup culture, there’s one way to gain thousands of followers in a matter of weeks, and this is it. Now before you think this is a bullshit page full of a sales pitch for my new book, I’ll tell you how to do it. Here are the steps.



Create the first of two accounts. Pick the username you want to use for your brand, set the account to private and save this for later. This account is simply for the purpose of snatching and preserving your intended username for your brand or business before someone else takes it.


Create your second account. Make the name something sexy, stupid, simple, and put the focus on attractive women. Use any guilty pleasure accounts you follow for inspiration. In the end, you want something along the lines of “BossBabesCA” ..which is probably a real account, but that’s just testament to how deep my research has gone on this subject… ehem… Make your profile photo a picture of the hottest girl you can find, or a butt with sexy underwear, or just boobs. Set your account to private, and immediately follow top celebrity accounts. There’s a lot of weirdos and psychos out there who have their accounts set to automatically follow people who follow celebrities. The beliebers are my favorite — because of their LOYALTY. Follow Jbeibs, and within minutes you’ll have at least fifteen followers lined up in your request queue (the “knockers,” knocking at your door. But don’t let em in…). Unfollow him, and repeat a few times. When you have about 30, you’re done, because this isn’t the trick I wanted to show you —  I just wanted to show you what bullshit ‘social geniuses’ will have you do for hours. The real trick lies in fitness. Go to fitness accounts, follow one and all the related ones that show up in the related accounts section. Continue clicking away at related accounts. When no more show up, pick one, go to their page, make a few comments on pictures, or just like a few here or there. This is key.  Now go back to the related followers and repeat. This is the fastest way to do this. When you get tired, stop, and come back to your account minutes later to a queue close to 50. Repeat when you want. If you do this four times a day, you can get a few hundred followers THAT DAY. The added benefit I’ve noticed is you’ll have all the guys who are following these fitness accounts find yours, and you’ll have more followers than you’ve worked for or deserve, you dirty, sneaky boy.

Step 3: PULL OUT

When you’ve reached a number of followers in your queue that satisfies you, delete that first account you made (remember that? The one before all the boobs and butts and sex puns?) Plug in your chosen username to your boob account, post 9 pictures of branded content, which you can usually steal from other accounts you’ve seen during this process, and click away, approving the thousands of followers you’ve lined up over the past few days, weeks or whatever. Boom. Your brand has a fully loaded instagram with minimal effort, and no one will ever know. 

Welcome to BoobHacking101.

You’ve reached the end of this course.


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