Why the Gym is Your Key to Success

// July 28, 2016

Why the Gym is Your Key to Success

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Do you already go to the gym regularly? If your answer is yes, pat yourself on the back, close this article and go slay some poon. If your answer is no, buckle up, get your reading goggles on and get ready to be educated son. If you’re like the majority of mopey bros that aren’t happy with their life, chances are that you don’t frequent the Temple of Gains. I’m not talking a Planet Fitness where you pay 10$/month to be demotivated and eat pizza. I’m talking about a gym with people bigger and in better shape than you. Some hot, young biddies you can set your eyes on. The gym is your best friend in bettering your life and if you don’t have a membership and use it:


It’s time to nut up gentlemen. You’re going to the gym after you read this article and I’ll tell you why:

The Obvious

I’m not going to waste too many times on this Sherlock. If you look better, your life is better. More attractive people are liked more by others. Better looking guys will pipe much more frequently than a frail, timid lad. Sure, the occasional pipsqueak and dweeb may nab a girl or two. But that doesn’t mean much if Broseidon comes over and curls their girl away into the sunset. Honing your physical image in the gym can reap benefits almost immediately. While you may not see results quite as soon, others who don’t look at your ugly mug every second of the day will see changes quicker. That girl you sit next to in class? She’ll notice. Your hot teacher? She’ll notice. That cousin you always found attractive but were worried that if you brought it up to her she wouldn’t reciprocate and you’d be shunned by your family? She’ll notice you sick fuck.

As you sculpt your physique in the gym, you will see more opportunities presented to you. More people will talk to you and approach you. It’s a fact. You don’t need science to prove that a chiseled set of abs, not a big heart, will catch that new sorority girl’s eye at the lax house party. Life’s not all about getting laid though (loljk). You’re going to get more respect from fellow bros who notice your gains. The Brofessionals you aspire to be one day will see the masterpiece you created and want you at their company. Better looking people gives a company a better image. Don’t lie, you wouldn’t hire Chunk from The Goonies if he had to go meet with a big client. Put two and two together homeboy. Some of the most successful people in life owe their fame to being attractive. Unless you’re smart as dick (which you’re probably not if you’re on this site) you need to find other ways to get yourself ahead in this world. That starts with shaping the first thing people get to from an opinion about when they meet you; The way you look.


The Less Obvious

(AKA still obvious but we’ll help you out)

When people think of the gym, the first benefit that comes to mind is an increase in physical health and appearance.
They’re not wrong. But a lot more than that will arise from hitting the iron on a day to day basis. I’m talking mental health bruh.

As you build those muscles and form new striations, something is going to happen behind the scenes too. Your brain is going to get some massive boners from that dopamine being released as you bench the fuck out of that barbell. The Gym literally puts you in a good mood. Hormones release as you exercise improving your mood almost as soon as you curl that first rep and that high will last well after your workout. You’re going to be more confident, more outgoing and have a clearer head every time you walk out of the gym. Don’t believe me? Try this simple test. Next time you’re beta and about to double text that tinder babe, go to the gym first. Bang out some squats, hit those abdominals and go for a decent run. See if you’re still a sorry excuse for a man and want to over extend yourself after a session like that. Feels from a rough day at work? Take it out at the gym. You’ll feel better afterwards. Trust me, I went to college.

 Fax. No Printer.

The gym is going to improve your life. Don’t believe what I’ve said? Oh, you want citations and scientific evidence for the things I mentioned? Go find it yourself. Damn kids looking for everything to be handed to them. In all seriousness there is plenty of research out there supporting physical activity being extremely beneficial to your mental and physical well-being. If you’re a nervous nelly grab a friend. You two can talk about all the hot girls there that you wish you could bone. And now that you’re working out, maybe one day you will. If you’re in a rut looking for some butt, swallow the $30 bucks a month, take an hour or two a day and get your ass to your local fitness establishment.


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