Why You’re Depressed with Life

// March 20, 2016

Why You’re Depressed with Your Sorry Ass Life

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Written by Buck, Co-Founder of ApotheosisLifestyle.com

The Loser:

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The alarm sounds. Your eye lids slowly peel open and your mind returns from a deep unconscious state that you vaguely remember. An army of voices in your head convince you to slam snooze. Because you’re a weak, whimsical, depressed fuck, without moment’s hesitation, you obey.  You finally work up the drive to get your ass out of bed to start the day but now you’re more late than your ex-girlfriends last period when you fucked her a month ago. Pregnancy scares you, the thought of being a dad scares you, the thought of having a kid with some mentally unstable turbo-slut scares you but waking up late hardly bothers you as you venture to the bathroom to take a good look at your ugly mug in the mirror. In close proximity to the condensation streaks you see nothing but a coward who rarely seized any real opportunity that this world had to offer. The glimmering reflection of abyssful eyes injects a turpitude feeling of self-loathing disgust as you contemplate your shitty existence.

The Winner:

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The alarm sounds. Your eye lids shoot open like a bottle rocket concoction of coke and Mentos. Your brain returns from dreamland and a smug half smile, “I’m the man” complexion involuntarily glows from your face as it should.  You gladly dismiss the alarm as you recall your dream from last night where you single handedly took on an army of covert assassins and proceeded to nail the women of your dreams off a high-rise las vegas balcony. As you get your ass out of bed you receive a message from a meaningless nobody. A pregnancy scare projectile bullet comes whipping at your shredded abdominals. You know better than to panic as this isn’t your first tour, you’re an experienced veteran equipped with an impenetrable Kevlar vest shielding you from anxiety that might otherwise fuck up this glorious day. You’re confident if the gods exist, they are in your favor and no matter what scenario plays out like a Spartan warrior you adapt. Unstifled, you carry your muscular stature to the bathroom and loom in the mirror of your unfathomable greatness. The glimmering reflection of your seductive yet dominant gaze reassures that you deserve everything the rich earth has to offer. Women swoon in your presence and men secretly wish to be you. Powerful beyond measure you have purpose in life and viscerally believe in yourself.

The Breakdown:

In these two scenarios the events are the same.  The difference is frame and attitude.  One guy has a sense of purpose, entitlement and self-belief, the other guy not so much. Ones depressed, the other is happy, confident and positive what seems like an ordinary day will turn out to be “glorious”. He’s what some people might say a conceited prick but he doesn’t give a shit. He simply knows others are miserable and envious of his self-love.  He’s certain that all he needs is himself because everything could be taken from him in at any moment but he can’t be robbed of his thoughts, being or experiences.

There’s no such thing as perfect in life.  We are all a set of sine waves with high and low peaks.  Frequency is what separates a cheerful outlook from a depressed outlook. It’s obvious that people with more highs than lows are generally more content.  People such as the guy in paragraph two. Don’t be the sorry ass guy in paragraph one. This is your shot to extinguish your depressed state, climb out of the fiery pits of hell into the life you’ve always wanted.

Time to Sack Up:

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It’s about motherfucking time you ditch the shitty outlook, become positive and start to build.  You can either be a happy kunt or a sad kunt. The difference is the happy kunt gets the job, the woman, the dream while the sad kunt wallows in patheticness at ground zero. People love comfort, they find comfort in their dead-end job, they find comfort in sticking with old friends and they find comfort in stagnation. Change to them is being the character in the house of wax that gets his achilles snipped with a sharp pair of hedge trimmers, painful and scary. The average person’s life is loaded with unpleasant nerve racking situations that all pale in comparison to stepping into an octagon with a trained killer, jumping out of an airplane thousands of feet above the ground, or going to war in a foreign country. So what’s your excuse? “I couldn’t talk to that girl because it wasn’t the opportune time.” “I couldn’t compete competitively because I’m not good enough.” “I don’t want to look for another job because that’s too much effort and I’m terrified to meet new people.” Attitude is holding you back.  Mood has its Bas Ruten sized hands strangling your positivity. Inadequacy keeps kicking you in the fucking teeth the second you’re knocked down. Fear told you to run away from adversity.  And Purpose convinces you what’s the point of even trying. Things don’t seem so comfortable in your life anymore, do they?  In fact they are excruciatingly painful and you just didn’t know it.  Don’t believe in hope or luck, believe in change. Old habbits die hard, but when new ones are formed, it’s sheer beauty.  Figure out what drives you, wake up with a big fat smile across your face and tackle what you’re after. Feel alive.

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